Ready Regimen: Rohini

Rohini lives in Brooklyn and works in interior design at Mercer Project. She created an online magazine for twenty-somethings, called Gimmick. Follow her on Instagram for an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle catalog of beauty, decor, vegan food, and NYC living. 

Photo courtesy of Rohini Mikkelsen

Photo courtesy of Rohini Mikkelsen

Kate Lee: What are the three most important things we should know about you?
Rohini Mikkelsen: I’m definitely a people person. I’m also a vegan, and lastly my parents lived in India for a while, so that’s why this white girl has an Indian name!

KL: You blog about beauty, fashion, and decor. What was your inspiration behind your website?
I actually started blogging when I was 16, every Wednesday I would dutifully post a new outfit or style I was into. I have always liked piecing styles together, and photography is something I’m naturally drawn to. As I’ve gotten older, my skincare and makeup obsession has taken over so I had to add that into the mix. And interior design, well that’s my next goal--to actually study and get a degree in interior design.

KL: How would you describe your beauty regimen? Do you have particular products or ingredients you love to use? Favorites?
RM: I would say my beauty regimen is very thorough, but easy and fast when it needs to be. I’m a big fan of rosehip oil and Vitamin C, and my skin seems to have a great relationship with them. Product-wise, I’m loving the Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer lately, and my ride-or-die is the Aztec Indian Healing Clay face mask. Nothing clears out your pores like that guy.

KL: Are there any new beauty trends you've recently loved? 
RM: Jade rolling! So relaxing and glamorous, but super effective.

KL: What's on your cult beauty product wish list?
Oh man.. so many things. Sunday Riley CEO, Drunk Elephant Baby Facial, Farmacy Honey Potion mask, Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping mask... there are many more. Maybe they will make their way to my Christmas list, haha!

KL: If you could pass down some beauty and skincare wisdom, what would it be?
RM: I would say that skincare and beauty falls directly under the self-care category, and taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. I heard a great quote “fill your own cup first: nourish yourself in order to help others.” Don’t be afraid to splurge on that one product that will make you feel like a supermodel! The effects will be much more than just the superficial appearance it leaves.

KL: Are there products not currently on the market that you'd like to see?
RM: A machine that you hold up to your skin and it tells you exactly what it needs at that time! My skin confuses me so much sometimes, I always say I wish I could just talk to it so it can tell me what it needs!

KL: Are there beauty/skincare "hacks" and misconceptions that you feel should be clarified?
RM: Yes, misconceptions that girls who sleep with makeup on and never moisturize are “lucky” that they don’t have to do anything and somehow have great skin. Later on in life, you will be so grateful you took care of your skin. You might not notice it now but come your fifties... oooh yeah.

KL: Who is your beauty muse and why?
RM: My friend Alicia, she has grown up around the Korean skincare culture and it is truly inspiring to me! Her skin looks like diamonds are bouncing off of it at all times... no joke. Her pores are tiny and her skin texture is amazing! Seriously inspiring how a 7-step skincare routine comes second nature to her. She brings me back skincare goodies every time she goes home to Korea and we try them out together, it’s a great tradition.