Ready Regimen: Mariel

Mariel is a travel nurse who is currently in San Francisco. She's an adventurous spirit with a drool-worthy Instagram, from food and fashion to scenic landscapes all over the world. She has an enviable swimsuit collection and was also born to be a mermaid.

For this round of Ready Regimen, we invite people to quickly discuss all things skincare: this can be anything from their top 5 products on rotation or their best anti-aging tips. Today, we introduce Mariel's Ready Regimen.

A little lifestyle background on me: I'm a travel nightshift-nurse, I have Filipino skin, and I'm frugal when it comes to skin care but I love to pamper myself!

  1. Travel nursing means I take contracts in different cities for about 3 months at a time. Because I travel so much I only use travel-size bottles. My huge life hack that my frugal Filipino mom taught me was to wait for department stores to have their bonus buys or special offers so you can sample those products. Department stores that offer a "Free Gift with Purchase" typically already have travel-size beauty products. Every time I buy makeup it's usually from Lancôme or Clinique, and I always get those free face washes and moisturizers. I love the Lancôme Crème Radiance Clarifying Cleanser. it takes off all your makeup in one wash. It always lasts me at least a month because you only need a dollop at a time. Bonus? It meets the volume requirement for TSA so traveling is a breeze.
  2. My Filipino skin means I'm luckily at a lower risk of getting wrinkles because of my Asian genes, but it also means I have a higher risk of getting too dark when I'm in the sun. Too dark? It's a thing. Darker skin takes longer to burn but prolonged exposure can take its toll on anyone's skin. I use a facial SPF of at least 50+ (e.g. Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moisturizer) on my face under my makeup, and still get a tint of tan whenever I decide to bask in the sunlight. 
  3. I am a firm believer in frugality. In fact, I use baby wipes to take my makeup off! It's way cheaper than those makeup remover wipes and still works great. Take Johnson's Hand and Face Wipes: they're gentle enough to use on your skin, even the eyes, if they're going to be used for babies. They're alcohol- and paraben-free and allergy-tested.
  4. My final tip is always "Treat yo self." I'm an independent woman and work my ass off with 12 hour night shifts. Therefore, I deserve some pampering. Every time I move to a different city I always Groupon facials and massages. Once-a-month spa days are so worth it. Be good to your body because you only have one!