Regimen Review: Nip+Fab

by Meech

From his formal education in Architecture to his many successful years behind the scenes in the television and film industry, form and function have been a solid foundation for The Doodle Dandy's choices. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do well.

Skin is one of the first things you notice about a person upon your initial meeting, so it's no wonder I like to keep mine well-maintained. As a guy who shaves, on average, three times a week, the trimmers, razors, and other blades really start to take a toll. Instead of needing a facelift fifteen years down the line, I decided maintenance was key. 

My skincare regimen after shaving is usually repair, restore, replenish. For that, I use Nip+Fab which is available at your local CVS, and while you may think a drugstore brand isn't very good, you'd be surprised. 

After a shower to open my pores, I start with the Nip+Fab Glycolic Scrub. Glycolic and salicylic acids combine to help resurface and purify skin by gently lifting dead skin cells away with a continuous deep pore cleanse action, also clearing out ingrown hairs, and blackheads. Then I use the mild exfoliant to rid myself of all the toxins that were enveloped deep in my skin and restore it to its original lustrous quality. Lastly, we graduate to Nip+Fab's Glycolic Cleansing Fix. It's a foaming facial cleanser with glycolic and apple amino acids that brightens and refreshes. I replenish and hydrate my skin, which is key, because you don't want dead, dry flakes resting atop your face. 

In Spring and Summer (and before dates) I use the No Needle Fix Serum, which is AMAZING at highlighting and hydrating your eyes so you don't look like you had those extra drinks the night before. Puffiness, be gone! 

I swear by Nip+Fab, they've been a company I knew I could consistently count on, and with skincare, that means a lot.