Ready Regimen: Erin

Erin Russell is a 28-year-old avid wine drinker living a semi-bougie lifestyle in Raleigh, NC with her saucy boyfriend and perfect puppy. 

I’m just gonna get down to it: my whole life I have struggled with cystic, hormonal acne that worsened with age (wtf?) and I have tried actual thousands of dollars worth of trendy skin care regimens only to find that what I needed I should’ve tried years ago.

I finally found my skincare (almost) cure-all in the form of balancing my crazy hormones with low-dose Necon 1/25 oral birth control and it was my saving grace! Talk to your doctor to see if birth control is right for you if you struggle with hormonal acne like me. That said, I still have a plethora of skin care woes that I think I have finally nailed down to a pretty combative and effective skin care routine.

I have really dry skin, like Sahara Desert dry, so it’s very important that I don’t use a super soapy face wash. Frank Body’s Charcoal Creamy Face Cleanser has been my favorite for about six years now. It has this fun lightly herbal and floral scent and leaves your face feeling impeccably soft. The caffeine constricts your blood vessels to tone your skin as the Vitamin E nourishes it. The charcoal is a giant detox for your face and the coconut, grapeseed, and almond oils sink in to hydrate and prevent said dry, desert face. 

Because I still get random breakouts on my forehead and nose (hi, my name is Erin and I love Dominos), I use a spot treatment. I honestly have never found a more potent formula than Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 which is like five bucks from literally any drugstore anywhere ever. The main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide so definitely test patch first in case you get irritated by the formula. A little big goes a long way!

Aforementioned dryness requires at least a night time oil (and daytime in the colder, dryer months of winter). Enter, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It is actually a really lovely texture and smells like chamomile so it’s perfect for making you feel cozy and ready for your (*way <) eight hours of sleep I know you’re all getting! It's not limited for the face: it can be used as a bath oil or on hands, feet, and elbows if they're feeling dry. On and off throughout the year, and especially around Christmas, department stores will offer it in a cost-efficient duo pack with the Daily Reviving Concentrate, which is the greatest face oil to continuously hydrate your skin from the morning onwards.

Lately, i’ve been finishing with an SPF-rich moisturizer and I am honestly really loving Garnier® SkinActive® Moisture Bomb Antioxidant Super Moisturizer SPF 30. It’s perfectly light for summer but impressively moisturizing. I cannot stress SPF enough, now that I’m 28 and know everything, and chances are someone told you when you were a teenager to stay out of the sun. At worst you could die, at best you’ll age prematurely and now with fine lines literally everywhere on my body I will tell you: it’s true. Make sure it’s paraben-free, like Sun Bum’s SPF 30 Lotion, which is natural, non-greasy, and smells like a banana (anyone else love an artificial banana smell?!).

Another age-old lecture that, surprise, is actually extremely correct is H2O consumption. I drink 2 liters at the very least per day to keep impurities out of my skin and junk food out of my mouth (for the most part). It not only clarifies your skin but makes you feel good on the inside, which is almost as important as what you look like on the outside. Just kidding. Now that you know what goes in and on the outside of my body you can all aim to be exactly like me!