Skin conscience

by Emily Forman

Emily is a breast cancer survivor who has chosen a healthy approach to how she lives life, especially what she puts into and on her body. She is a lover of music and art and is always looking for the best new products for her skin, as wrinkles scare her as much as Frankenstein!  Follow Emily and her sultry Instagram.

I have been obsessed with my skin since I was 7 years old.  I remember vividly watching my mother put moisturizer on every evening before bed.  I remember thinking to myself, “how come she does that every night?" Duh. I have since discovered that moisturizer is the absolute key to having luminous skin. The only problem is I am so scared of pimples! I take them personally. However, I am not as afraid of pimples as I am petrified of wrinkles.

Anytime I feel a pimple coming on, I use Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. It has saved me from avoiding important meetings the next day or even canceling a hot date. It does exactly what it claims to do: it dries out the pimple and makes it disappear overnight. Despite never having acne on my face, I had some “backne” when I was a teenager and Mario Badescu was my best friend. I think it was just one of the “unpredictabilities” of teenage hormones. As I’ve gotten older, luckily, I get an occasional pimple during my menstrual cycle.

I read the book “Younger” by Dr. Harold Lancer, one of the most well respected dermatologists in LA. His clients include the likes of Kim K and Beyonce, to name a few. He’s basically the guy you need to be seeing if you live on the West coast. His book taught me so much about how your diet and your gut affect your skin. Of course, he talks about eating lots of fruits and veggies, but he also discusses the importance of probiotics, which are a big part of my “skin” diet. I take a brand of Probiotics called UltraFlora Balance by Metagenics.

I also use a bunch of supplements that I put in a smoothie that I think help my skin, hair, and nails a lot. I use Sun Potion’s He Shou Wu Powder, Chlorella, and Ashwaganda. I try to get most of my nutrients from food, but I take a multivitamin just in case. I really love coconut oil as well. I think it’s the cure for everything due to its versatility. A weekly soak in your hair doesn’t hurt either. 

Dr. Lancer makes skincare very easy: exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize. If you choose to buy his brand of products, he has the best exfoliator: Lancer The Method: Polish. While it is just a bit uncomfortable on your skin, but you can feel it getting rid of all the “bad." My routine follows suit. Having a regimen for your skin is as important as proper nutrition and exercise for your body. Can you skip a day or two? Yes, but just as eating unhealthfully for a couple of days can make you feel a reduction in your energy level, your mood, or cause weight gain, so can neglecting your skin for more than a couple of days. You can see a reduction in its suppleness and youthful vitality.

I’m a firm believer that true beauty comes from the inside, and an outside force can help with this. I enjoy a weekly sauna session at Higher Dose, an infrared sauna spa in New York. They have different packages available, as well as an HD Body Wrap. Sweating it out can help detoxify and unleash your inner beauty.

I really enjoy following Sakara Life and Goop and Melissa Wood Health. These sites are my Instagram obsessions and embody what I do for my skin. They really take a holistic approach to the body and give great tips!