Clean Beauty Ritual's favorites for July

by October Comstock

October is the creator of and lives and works full time as a Rails developer in Santa Monica, CA. She is passionate about finding effective non-toxic products and shares her discoveries with the clean beauty community. Follow her on @cleanbeautyritual.

It's crazy, but most of my main skincare concerns and needs are actually being addressed in this green beauty revolution. There are probiotics for your skin now, courtesy of The Beauty Chef. It also looks like "wellness as beauty" is being embraced, which is wonderful, (check out Sun Potion if you haven't already).

Being involved in blogging and evaluating products means I stay abreast of individual skincare trends, from products to tools and techniques. I love that facial oils are a trend now as I've been using them for a long time. I'm intrigued by derma rolling, although I haven't tried it yet. I love my konjac sponge! I try to use it at least once a day. Turmeric is huge right now, which is cool. I love that being healthy and taking super foods and herbs are on trend. 

As a product reviewer for my blog, Clean Beauty Ritual, my personal regimen changes about once or twice a month. But, there are a few key things I try to do to help my skin deal with the constant changes. For one thing, I try to keep my review processes for cleansers and creams a month long, sometimes longer. Another thing I do is swap out certain products to review and stay with others for several months to give my skin some stability.

I have a number of skincare favorites right now. 

As far as favorite skincare ingredients go, mine would have to be marula oil, vitamin E, turmeric, rose anything, honey, kaolin clay, green tea, and aloe vera. I have used most of these in DIY treatments. I sometimes use my green tea bags on my eyes, face and neck. I've been putting the green tea on my face with my mom since I was a kid! There's a turmeric honey mask I do for bad breakouts, although that can get kind of messy. I also used to put straight 25,000 vitamin E oil and marula oil on my skin when I was a little more hardcore haha. But the vitamin E oil was a tad sticky, so I switched it up to the Jason Vitamin E Cream.

No product out there, I don't care what they are touting, will be a cure-all. Skincare products should be effective at helping to solve whatever issue crops up, or for enhancing what you already have going on. I consider personal wellness integral to skincare. I take probiotics and try to drink lots and lots of water. I do my best to stay away from sugar and processed foods. I'm currently getting back into my yoga and fitness regimen, which I consider to be a part of my skincare routine.