Aleks is a model and filmmaker. She spends her time jet-setting between New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. She is an avid lover of natural beauty and minimal routines. Follow her on Instagram.

There's a new girl in town and she is so last year.

"I had a bunch of vintage clothes I collected, and having an interest in photography, I decided it would be a wonderful way to bridge the two." This was the inspiration for the GIRLFRIEND collection from Perjus Vintage, an online shop for vintage clothing. It was born as an offshoot of Perjus, an art and photography magazine, created by Alaina Latona of United Talent Agency. See her regimen here.

"My goal with Perjus Vintage was to create a digital campaign that showcased each woman's uniqueness through the vintage clothing she modeled." In selecting a face for the debut collection Alaina didn't want a generic "feminine" face. She selected Aleks P, fair-skinned and ruggedly feminine beauty, as the model for the first Perjus Vintage shoot. "She doesn't have a wholly feminine look, but it's strong and intense while also being completely approachable and beautiful." 

Aleks is the current face of the Perjus Vintage GIRLFRIEND collection, which launched in early June. the regimen went behind the scenes of the product photoshoot for the brand's launch. We asked Aleks her about her current Ready Regimen.

Kate Lee: How would you describe your current skincare regimen right now?
Aleks P: 
I focus on everything internal when it comes to skincare. I try drink more water. I've tried different products, different oils, but it always feels like I'm wearing something on my face. I buy stuff from Om Aroma (now Savor Beauty), too. I've focused on more water, more greens.

KL: So, more beauty from within instead of putting stuff on your face.
Yeah, I try to use a cream at night, an oil during the day time. But, more focus staying hydrated and eating better.

KL: What is your favorite beauty product if you had to only pick one?
I like the Om Aroma Truffle Face Cream. They have this truffle moisturizer that I use at night. It smells great. It's made with White Truffle!

KL: What are your biggest skin concerns?
AP: Probably sun damage. I put on sunscreen every time I go out. Whenever I'm outside, I notice I get freckles almost immediately. I sunburn kind of easily and then tan later. 

KL: As a model, do you wear a lot of makeup?
AP: Not really, just some cover-up and a little bit of mascara.

KL: You don't really need it.
AP: Yeah, if I do wear any kind of foundation, I do see the difference the next day. My pores feel clogged. Your skin gets more and more addicted to makeup and it starts to "need" it. You wear makeup then you break out, then you need more makeup to cover it up. If I'm not leaving the house, I don't put anything on. I just use oil.

KL: What oil do you use?
AP: Almond oil. I go to Whole Foods and buy theirs. You can use it on your hands, your hair, you can moisturize anything. You know exactly what it is, and I'm not worried about putting it on my skin. It's fine to be on your body. I definitely try to use more natural products.

Throughout the shoot, the products were simple:

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