The #LowKeyGlow

by Madeleine Gay

Maddie is a finance and operations rockstar in NYC who works on several consulting projects at a time--while masking, of course. She's not a business man, she's a business, man. She was obviously Jay Z's inspiration for the lyric. Follow her white collar ratchetry, known on the internet as Trilly Pulitzer, on Instagram and Twitter.

How I look when I know I'm right.

How I look when I know I'm right.

I first met Kate, your beloved the regimen creator, when we were both professionally over-qualified and over-scheduled front desk associates at a trendy yoga studio. We became fast friends over our hatred of early Saturday morning shifts, mutual love of egg and cheddar on multigrain everything bagels, and most importantly, K-Beauty. I’m not sure how the topic originally came up, but what followed was a weekly roundup during our shift of the products we read about, tried, hated, were suspicious of, heard that Jennifer Aniston used (100% was said by me) et cetera, et cetera.

I’m a busy person, and when I say busy, I mean busy. Currently, I’m a financial and operations manager at large, doing some consulting here and there, but taking a much-needed break from my life in general. If you had caught me two months ago when I first agreed to write this review, I was busy running finance and CRM for a startup that I helped get off the ground, was working part time at the yoga studio, and was babysitting on the weekend for a family in TriBeCa. I’m busy, and because I’m always on the go and running around like a crazy person, I developed a personal skincare regimen to match my lifestyle.

I need multi-purpose products at a good price that give me results fast. Baby bosses like me don’t have time to wait around. I’m a firm believer that the best full coverage foundation is good skin. The better you treat your skin from the ground up, the less and less you’ll have to wear to cover it up, hopefully (eventually like me), you’ll wear none on your face.

I’ll preface this with saying I have a bizarrely good dietary and lifestyle habits. I drink at least a gallon of water per day, attempt to stay away from caffeine, try not to eat sugary foods unless they’re Sour Patch Watermelons, sleep at least eight hours (not a joke), don’t drink alcohol during the week, and 98% of the time, I make my own meals.

This photo is evidence of how late I was to write this article.

This photo is evidence of how late I was to write this article.

Welcome to your tape. Just kidding, here’s my regimen for a #LowKeyGlow.

In the mornings, I wash my face with warm water and a charcoal based cleanser to get all the gunk off my skin. Right now I’m crushing on the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. I splash my face with the coldest water my face can handle post-cleanse to close those pores up. Due to a combo of my constant state of exhaustion and genetics, I have some intense dark circles for a young broad of 23. I like to combat those circles with the Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm, which keeps me hydrated as well as prevents those dreaded fine lines. To moisturize my face and combat the NYC gross smog, I use Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturizer. That being said, when I first started using that moisturizer, I thought my skin looked a bit shinier. After a few days of using it, my skin got used to it and started to seriously drink it all in. After my moisturizer absorbs, I hit my skin with Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50. My ageless wonder of a mother swears by sunscreen to avoid wrinkles, and ingrained that deep in my brain at probably, age 7. Never. Skip. Your. Sunscreen. People. I slap some concealer under my eyes, shape my brows, mascara my short blonde eyelashes and run out the door because I’m probably already 12 minutes late.

After a long day of bossing people around, yelling at people who probably don’t really deserve it, and working out, I’m beat. I designed my morning skincare regimen to allow me to stay in bed as long as possible, and my evening regimen gets me into bed as quick as I can. Twice a week, I detox mask. As a notorious face-picker, it’s so satisfying to me to see what gunk a good mask can pull out of my face. I quite literally have to restrain myself by a calendar to only let myself do a Biore Deep-Cleansing Pore Strip every other Thursday.

Here are my two favorite masks for getting your pores squeaky clean in 20 minutes while you do something else, like edit a financial analysis, or give your friend, Kate, CRM advice!

  1. Sephora Collection Mud Mask: Purifying and Mattifying. I am literally the street team for this product. After spending most of my lunch breaks at the Union Square Sephora, I struck up a friendship with a skincare advisor there that let me in on this earth-shattering secret. Sephora Collection skincare is made in the same factory, with incredibly similar formulas, to Dior Skincare. Major. Key. That being said, I started using the Sephora Collection Mud Mask as a replacement to the GlamGlow Supermud mask….I might like it more. For me, it’s not as drying, still shows all the dark spots where the gross stuff comes out, and leaves your skin silky smooth at 28% of the price. After three weeks of using this mask, I had clients at the yoga studio coming up to me asking what I did to my skin. My pores shrank, skin glowed, and tone evened. $20 best investment.
  2. Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Cleanup Mask. I have no idea where, or how I found this bizarre mask, but wow am I glad that I did. This mask is basically a Biore Pore strip for your WHOLE FACE. It uses activated charcoal (which we know I love) to pull out excess sebum from your pores. After twenty minutes, you peel the mask off and get to see the fruits of your labor, and get grossed out by your own skin. It’s so satisfying. Be careful not to get it on your hair, it truly never comes out.

If I’m not masking, I use a light exfoliating scrub to keep my skin feeling fresh and so so clean. I love the Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub when I’m feeling dainty (haha) or the St. Ives Apricot Scrub that we all used when we were 14. A light exfoliation helps me scrub away my frustrations of the day and keep my skin super smooth. I read that Jennifer Aniston uses Vaseline under and all over her eyes to keep them smooth, so I use Vaseline as eye cream. If I have an event the next day or a big meeting where I need some extra help, I use the Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream in a thick layer under my eyes to sink in while I sleep. As a night cream, I use the Sephora Collection Intensive Instant Moisturizer + Cream. The hyaluronic acid booster in the formula keeps my skin silky smooth and hydrated overnight and helps me combat the signs of aging that I’m definitely not exhibiting yet.

So, there you have it. Maddie’s regimen for her #LowKeyGlow. This is exactly what I do to keep looking eight years younger than I am. Also, it saves me money on foundation, so I can buy more overpriced workout classes. Do this regimen, and you too, can be a financial and operational consultant at large. Just kidding, but maybe not.